Palkana is involved actively in construction works throughout Iraq. Below is a list of some of the projects executed by Palkana as a general contractor (GC) or a subcontractor (SUB). Click on the project name to get more information. 


Project Name Location Date Client Type
Al-Zaetoon Residential Complex Baghdad Started 2021 Ministry of Electricity-Iraq GC
Iraq-Korea Critical care specialty hospital Baghdad Started 2021 KOICA GC
Garden City - Kirkuk ( Construction of 415 residential houses ) Kirkuk Continued-2016 Kirkuk Investment Board GC
IBin Fernas Residential Complex Baghdad Completed 2021 Kar Group SUB
Shat Al-Basra Power Plant-Cooling Towers (Concrete works) Basra Completed 2021 Kar Group SUB
Tire feeding: Bazian cement plant Slemani- Bazian Completed 2019 Lafarge-Bazian Cement Plant GC
Garden City Vella Slemani Completed 2019 Halabja Group SUB
Halabja Concrete Plant- Slemani Slemani Completed 2019 Halabja Group SUB
Palletizer& Dispatch Transformation Slemani Completed 2018 Bazian Cement Plant-Lafarge GC
Passport & Residency Building- Kirkuk Kirkuk Completed 2018 Kirkuk Governorate GC
ITSC office building-Slemani Slemani Completed 2018 ITSC Company SUB
Ashti Refugee Camp Clinic Slemani-Arbat Completed 2017 Emergency (NGO) GC
Kalar Refugee Camp Complementary Kalar Completed 2017 Iraq ministry of Displacement & Migration GC
Shewasoor Bridge Kirkuk Completed 2017 Kirkuk Governorate GC
Azadi market (Concrete works) Slemani Completed 2017 Azadi Market SUB
Power Stations Slemani- Erbil Completed 2016 Kalkan Company SUB
Qwlaraisi water tank Slemani Completed 2016 Asingaran Company SUB
Passport & Residency Bldg.- Slemani Slemani Completed 2015 Slemani Governorate GC
Family Mall-Slemani (Concrete works) Slemani Completed 2015 Family Mall-Slemani SUB
Qalam College Kirkuk Completed 2014 Qalam College GC
Wasity sewerage system Kirkuk Completed 2013 Kirkuk Governorate GC
Rapareen sewerage network Kirkuk Completed 2013 Nooradin Co. SUB
Ductile Pipes (Zone 5) Kirkuk Completed 2013 Kirkuk Governorate GC
Hakiz Dam Chamchamal Completed 2012 Ministry of Water Resources, KRG GC
Garden City Towers Slemani Completed 2012 Halabja Group SUB
Family Land Tower Erbil Completed 2014 Family Land Project SUB
Azady Bridge & Underpass Kirkuk Completed 2012 Hana Co.-Kirkuk Governorate SUB
Kazewa Sewerbox (Concrete works) Slemani Completed 2012 Hazheer Co.-Slemani Municipality SUB
Qlyasan Sewer box (Concrete works) Slemani Completed 2012 Lanya Co.- Slemani Municipality SUB
Garden City Concrete Water Tank Slemani Completed 2011 Halabja Group SUB
Takye-Shekh Bzayny Electricity Distribution Takya-Slemani Completed 2012 Slemani General Electricity Directorate GC
Ali Askary Mosque and Library Chamchamal Completed 2011 Awqaf Ministry, KRG GC
Sharbazher Electricity Distribution Slemani-Sharbazher Completed 2012 Slemani General Elec. Directorate GC
Fiber Optic Line Laying Kirkuk-Erbil Completed 2011 Alsard Fiber SUB
Shar Hospital Retaining Wall Slemani Completed 2013 Subhi Company SUB
Tasluja road Concrete water tanks Slemani Completed 2010 Subhi Co. SUB
Malik Mahmood Street-Tanks & Median Slemani Completed 2010 Jabal Lubnan Co- Slemani Municipality SUB
Qaradagh Electricity Distribution Qaradagh-Slemani Completed 2010 Slemani General Electricity Directorate GC
Supply electrical equipments for Slemani feeders Slemani Completed 2010 Slemani General Electricity Directorate GC
Malik Mahmood Underground Power Cable Slemani Completed 2010 Slemani General Electricity Directorate GC
Kalar Jail & Access road Kalar Completed 2009 Garmian Administration, KRG GC
Chemical Weapons Victims Hospital Halabja Completed 2009 Zagros Co.- Slemani Health Directorate SUB
Hospital-Type E Halabja Completed 2009 Glena Co.- Slemani Health Directorate SUB
Aghjalar Electricity Distribution Slemani-Aghjalar Completed 2009 Slemani General Electricity Directorate GC

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